A team of national and international lawyers is working to stop seismic surveys around the coast. Going into 2022 money will contribute to further court actions including interdicts against seismic surveys as well as the full court cases that follow. please find the confirmatory letter here.

As part of the Who Stole Our Oceans Campaign, The Green Connection is opposing activities that are aimed at finding and exploiting fossil fuels under the seabed, including seismic surveys.  We encourage those who would be environmental defenders to make yourselves aware and take action.

Shell is not the only company that is planning to explore for oil and gas under the seabed.  Searcher has now started their seismic survey on the west coast. The Green Connection is also opposing Tosaco on the west coast, TEPSA, CGG on the south east coast who are in various stages of trying to get permits for exploration linked activities and the west coast seismic surveys.

If you would like to donate, please note that all funds received will be used to fight in the courts.  If Shell withdraws or government intervenes and stops the Shell seismic survey, the funds will be used to campaign against the other companies who have stolen our ocean.TO DONATE, SEE BELOW

Climate change is a real global crisis and internationally, more action is needed.  The International Energy Agency (IEA) has already reported earlier in 2021 that in order to keep planet safe from a climate perspective, we should halt new fossil fuel exploration.  

Shell, itself lost a court case in the international court of justice in the Netherlands, and has been ordered to reduce its global emissions by 50% by 2030. There is no doubt that by continuing with fossil fuel exploration and extraction, Shell will contribute to climate change and increasing the risks for all of us.

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All money donated will contribute to court action against Shell and other seismic surveys along the coast. After a successful court interdict we still need funds for the full court review.

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