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DVDs and Booklets

Partnership for Healthy River – Handbook

Farming Sunlight booklet

Redrawing the Grid

Understanding Electricity Prices

Informative Documents compiled for the Smart Electricity Workshops

The Smart Electricity Brochure

NERSA Public Hearings

Climate Change Resources

Climate friendly living

Cradle to grave process

Planning for Change

Understanding Climate Change


The Green Connection produces materials and other resources that aim to raise awareness about environmental issues. These resources can be downloaded and used provided that the sources are acknowledged and the aim of the resources is for public education not for gain.

Renewable Energy

This report reviews the socio-economic aspects of the REIPPP – Where are the jobs

EGI – Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme Review Aug2014

An Alternative Energy vision for South Africa.

OCN case study – South Africas Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Program 2013

Civil Society IRP2 comments analysis – Final 28th September 2010 (Green connection worked with other NGOS to expose the lack of participation by people affected by the IRP (electricity plan for the country)

12th October 2010. The civil society analysis of the inputs and comments in the Integrated Resources Plan IRP2 were produced with the support from Institute for Security Studies’ Corruption & Governance Programme, The Green Connection, Project 90×2030, Southern African Faith Communities Environment Institute and WWF-SA

EGI Final Assessment Report 2009

Input into the world bank energy strategy march 2010 final with summary

Green Economy:

The Green Economy – indicator of a world in deepining crisis

Coal energy:

The Health Impact of Coal 20 May 2014


Capacity building for Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) implementation in Southern Africa

Additional Reports:

National Planning Commission Minority Report CT Civil Society May 11th Publications McDaid E. and Kruger L, “Funnelling Public Participation towards more effective environmental decision-making in EIAs”. IAIA-SA conference 2004 McDaid E.

“NGO concerns about the EIA process”. IAIA newsletter January 2002 McDaid E., EEU, PLAAS

“Co-management of Coastal and Fisheries Resources” – Awareness raising and Capacity Building programme materials. Environmental Evaluation Unit, UCT 2001

McDaid E., “Sustainable Development and the Environmental Impact Assessment Process: The Fair Process” – for WESSA:WC. IAIA-SA conference Partnerships for the new century 2000

McDaid Liz., “The Environmentally F.A.I.R. EIA Process” – Report for WESSA:WC 2000

McDaid E., “Approaches to Sustainable Energy – Cape Town”. United Nations Habitat II conference proceedings, 1996


Green Connection Comments on TEPSA Block 11/b12B Draft Scoping Report

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