Yachika Reddy is one of the board members of The Green Connection & Chairperson. She has a Masters in Science Degree in Energy Studies from the University of Cape Town. Yachika is currently employed at Sustainable Energy Africa (SEA) as Project Manager of the SEED Programme.  During her 6 years of employment at SEA, Yachika has worked across a spectrum of projects focused on rooting sustainable energy approaches and practices in urban development planning and management processes across South Africa. One of the projects in which she was principally involved, entailed an in-depth analysis of energy transitions in fuel use that occur among low-income households in South Africa. This culminated in a research paper which she co-presented with her supervisor at the Energy Transitions Workshop held jointly by Stanford University (CA, USA) and the University of Cape Town in 2004. Soon after completing her Honours Degree in Environmental and Geographical Science, she worked in the United Kingdom for two years as a research assistant at the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WILDCRU), Oxford University.