Volunteers Coordinator

Job Type: Part-Time (Deliverable based)

Location: Cape Town (Western Cape)

Have own vehicle to travel/ be able to source equivalent

The Green Connection (GC) is an environmental and social justice organization, striving for eco justice, community empowerment and resource advocacy. GC is running a ‘Who Stole Our Oceans’ campaign, which aims to protect the ocean through opposing offshore oil and gas developments and informing coastal communities about the negative impacts of Operation Phakisa (specifically offshore oil and gas projects). The government’s drive on oil and gas appears to raise similar concerns.

Experience and Skills:

• Worked in the environmental activism sector.
• An understanding of working in a Non-Government grassroots Organisation.
• Self-disciplined and motivated, with excellent attention to detail.
• Ability to multi-task and manage several activities/projects.
• Ability to work under pressure.
• Strong leadership, communication and networking skills.
• Proactive with excellent time management skills.
• Conceptual and creative thinker, with excellent photography skills.
• Ability to manage campaigns.
• Problem-solving and adaptability skills.

• Plan and organize events, including site selection, logistical arrangements, scheduling and being the primary point of contact for the event, communicating with volunteers, promoting of event or activities.
• Plan and coordinate community outreach and environmental activism activities.
• Conduct administrative and management duties as assigned.
• Initiate fresh, creative and innovative ideas and approaches.
• Build networks to grow the organisation’s campaign.
• Create opportunities of awareness and engagement of the organisation’s campaign in festivals, events, carnivals, career fairs, podcasts and film, music and storytelling productions.
• Work proactively with media team, organisation’s allies and stakeholders. Along with the activists in the ecojustice sector.
• Inform, motivate and mentor volunteers.
• Flexible working hours (including weekends)

How To Apply
Email your CV to admin@thegreenconnection.org.za
Closing Date, 04 May 2023