Energy Governance

The Green Connection is part of various South African initiatives which promote a transition to a just energy future, including advocating and researching sustainable energy in SA:

  • The Green Connection is a WRI partner in South Africa, is a South African partner of EGI international, and is part of the Electricity Governance –South Africa. Read More
  • The Green Connection is part of the one million climate jobs hosted by AIDC.

Renewable Energy

The Green Connection advocates for renewable energy which supports socio-economic development.

  • The Green Connection assisted partners in reviewing the government’s Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Program (REIPPP) in 2014 and again in 2017 (EGI RE14P review 2014 Final). Read More
  • The Green Connection has researched the price of electricity and its impact on consumers: Informative Documents compiled for the  Smart Electricity Workshops, The Smart Electricity Brochure and participated in the NERSA Public Hearings.
  • The Green Connection, in partnership with AIDC, was involved in the development of the report, Where are the jobs? Read More
  • The Green Connection undertook research into an alternative energy future for South Africa in collaboration with and the Bank Information centre (BIC) in 2010, which reviewed renewable energy internationally and locally and put forward recommendations to improve energy planning process.  An Alternative Energy vision for South Africa. The report provides ideas of how we could meet our energy needs for the future using energy wisely, and focusing on renewable energy as our future electricity supply. The approach used in producing these reports is to draw on local examples that demonstrate success. The Decentralised approach to energy supply Report was produced as part of input into the World Bank Energy Strategy
  • The Green Connection was involved in developing the Oxfam discussion paper, You cant eat Electricity. Read More

Impacts of Coal Energy

The Green Connection has worked with our partner, groundwork, investigating the health impacts of coal (The Health Impact of Coal Report). The report discusses the responsibility that coal-fired power stations bear for ambient air quality associated health impacts. Several media pieces can be accessed here: Eskom Killing Us Softly, Local documentary receives international acclaim, The Bliss of Ignorance, Standing Up to Hazardous Waste Dumping in South Africa.

Empowering Women

Green Connection attended and helped develop training material for a workshop on women’s rights run by an organisation that works with women and mining, called WOMIN. The Green Connection’s Liz McDaid worked with WOMIN specifically to develop resource material on renewable energy and energy justice and promote energy security for women.


Green Connection was contracted by SPP and Oxfam in 2011 to investigate and produce a report on the potential impacts of the South African Industrial Biofuel Strategy on the poor rural communities of the former homelands.