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Conference on Energy Investment hosted at the IGC centre – London

Liz Mcdaid of the Green Connection was invited to attend a Conference on Energy Investment hosted at the IGC centre, the London School of Economics, in London, November 2015.

Tackling extreme poverty: Evidence from the field

As the first of the newly adopted United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, eradicating extreme poverty constitutes a major challenge for governments and organisation across the globe entering the post-2015 era. Despite progress over the last few decades, a large proportion of the world’s population still remain in extreme poverty.

Tackling Extreme Poverty – Evidence from the Field

Conference on Energy Investment  - London

London School of Economics



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You Can’t Eat Electricity

Oxfam launched its latest discussion document in its “mind the gap” series on Tuesday evening.  In Johannesburg for the event, Liz McDaid, who co-authored the paper with Oxfam’s Tim Gore, presented the story of Busi, a woman in South Africa struggling to survive in hard economic times.  The paper points out that the government’s policies, meant to ease the plight of the poor, actually drive people deeper into poverty.

To download the full report click here;  You can’t eat Electricity

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