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Close To 200 People Rise At Crack of Dawn to Protest the Arrival of Shell’s Seismic Monster, Amazon Warrior

On Sunday morning, (21 November 2021), before the crack of dawn, nearly 200 concerned environmental defenders took to the Waterfront to get a glimpse of Shell’s seismic testing vessel, Amazon Warrior, as it made its way into Cape Town harbour. The vessel travelled down the West coast of Africa, on its way to the Wild Coast, to conduct seismic surveys for an estimated five (5) months. The Green Connection’s Strategic Lead Liziwe McDaid says, “We were expecting a small contingent of about fifteen (15) or so people to show up to protest against this ship, commissioned by Shell to conduct seismic testing off the Wild Coast, but these numbers, this early on a precious Sunday morning, demonstrates that people are adamant that they want change.”

In partnership with environmental organizations we opposed Shell seismic surveys off the Wild Coast. On the 30th of November the Green Connection with partners submitted their objection of Shell’s seismic surveys to SLR consulting. Green organizations and activists took legal actions against Shell seismic surveys and won the court interdict on the 28th of December 2021. READ MORE

Civil Society Heads Back To Court, This Time To Stop Seismic Surveys Off The West Coast

After winning the court case against Shell seismic surveys on the Wild Coast the Department of Mineral Energy and Resources said Searcher the holder of a Reconnaissance Permit would undertake 2D and 3D seismic surveys off the West Coast. Small-scale fishers with the support of Green Connection headed back to court in a bid to stop seismic surveys off the West Coast followed by a nationwide protest which was held on the 23rd of January 2022. Civil society demanded the survey to be stopped as the livelihoods of fishers, those in agriculture, and tourism would be impacted by offshore oil and gas exploration. Searcher Geodata filed an urgent court interdict to reverse the court order made on the 7th of February 2022 to halt blasting off the West Coast. On the 14th of February the court order to stop blasting remained. West Coast small-scale fishers and civil society went back to court again on the 24th of February for the hearing against Searcher and the interim interdict continued. The court ruled against Searcher on the 1st of March as they failed to consult small-scale fishers, indigenous communities and other affected groups and failed to construct an environmental impact assessment.  Sustaining The Wild Coast Judgement. 

Communities Speak Out Against Traditional Leaders Who Support Shell Seismic Surveys on Wild Coast Eastern Cape

Small-Scale Fishers From Around The Country Head To Saldanha Bay To Stand-Off Against Offshore Oil and Gas: “Our Ocean, Our Heritage! “

Communities argue that Shell needed an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) under the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) and that there has been insufficient consultation. READ MORE 

Civil Society Impatiently Waiting For Shell’s Wild Coast Seismic Surveys To Be Stopped, For Good

Since the announcement of Shell seismic surveys on the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape last year, outraged communities and environmental organisations took the company to court following a flawed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and failed community consultations. READ MORE

Shell Verdict: Evidence That In Standing Together, Coastal Communities Can Be The Masters Of Their Own Ships

“Civil society, traditional communities and small-scale have once again been vindicated by the courts. Well done to our comrades for staying the course of this fight against Shell, to protect our oceans and the rights of those communities who will be affected.” This is the message from The Green Connection, an eco-justice organisation opposed to offshore oil and gas exploitation. READ MORE


On 26 September 2022, small-scale fishers held a picket demonstration at Pepper Bay Saldanha. The group of about 50 fishers and supporting eco-justice and community-based organisations are opposing the (imminent) arrival of the Azinam oil rig, which is set to start offshore oil and gas exploration activities in the next days.  READ MORE 

The Green Connection Concerned That AZINAM’S Rig May Start Drilling Before The Oil Spill Contingency Plan Is Available To The Public

Following a meeting with Petroleum Agency SA (PASA) on Thursday 29 September 2022, The Green Connection says it anticipates that it will receive the project-specific oil spill contingency plan (OSCP) by Wednesday 5 October 2022. The eco-justice organisation says, “In our view, such a plan should be in the hands of all interested and affected persons before the drilling starts.”

On 5 October 2022, The Green Connection received Azinam’s oil spill contingency plan and it is currently under review by experts.