Small Scale Fishers

In 2005, the Green Connection, working with the Environmental Education Unit (University of Cape Town) and Masifundise worked with fishers along the south and west coast of South Africa to build their capacity to form fisher forums and cooperatives, ahead of the small scale fishing rights allocation process.

The Green Connection facilitated capacity building around organisational building, communication and particularly conflict management. Read More

WWF-SA Responsible Fisheries

Green Connection was instrumental in the facilitation and course design of the Responsible Fisheries training programme as part of the Responsible Fisheries Alliance (RFA). This programme worked initially with the fishing industry to focus on shifting management towards an ecosystem approach. From 2016, the Green Connection has worked with WWF-SA to update the RFA course, and run facilitator training workshops. Part of the updated course includes more information on climate change and information on plastic pollution.

Subsequently, a similar approach was follwed as The Green Connection worked with International Ocean Institute (IOI-SA), as part of the SSRI – Small-Scale Responsible Fisheries Initiative – which is a skills development project rolling out across coastal South Africa to educate and empower small-scale fishing communities around the importance of sustainable fishing. The workshops engage in training on Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries and responsible practices through a series of discussions, videos, interactive games and presentations. From 2017, the Green Connection has facilitated a communications workhop sesion in an annual fisheries empowerment course run by IOI-SA.

The success of the RFA programme was evaluated and is available here.


Liz McDaid undertook her MSc thesis on the mapping the process of community participation in the governance of the small scale fisheries sector, using the example of the development of the small scale fisheries policy of South Africa.