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Oil and Gas Drilling Underway

The oil and gas drilling of the Luiperd-1 well led by Total E & P is well under way after it’s rig platform vessel arrived on the 21st of August. The project is intended to run for 12 to 18 months. Officials seem happy about potential economic growth yet there seems to be no consideration of how the environment could be negatively impacted by the project the ripple effects on the tourism and fishing industries.

Word from the Presidency: A climate-resilient recovery

In a newsletter released on the 24th of August, the Presidency expressed that the South African government with its partners wants to develop an economic recovery programme which will not be as it was pre-COVID-19. It recognised how lockdown has been good on the environment due to some of the industries that were not functioning which produce carbon emissions. Climate change effects have already been experienced in South Africa and should not to be taken lightly. The president stipulated that “A climate resilient economy is necessary to protect jobs, ensure the sustainability of our industries, preserve our natural resources and ensure food security.” Unfortunately, there is still a great push towards fossil fuel industries, case in point is the current offshore oil and gas drilling on the south coast. Until the words and intentions of the government are complimented by action, pre-COVID19 status quo will remain and the efforts towards climate change amount to little.

by Lisa Makaula