Legacy Programme Call For Applications 2022
Closing Date: 09 January 2022

Do you want to get involved in civil action to save the environment?

Are you passionate about protecting the environment and your community?

Do you believe the ocean should be protected for present and future generations?

Do you want to contribute to positive change in your community?

We invite community activists from coastal communities to participate in a 12-month skills building and advocacy programme on environmental and social justice as part of accelerating South Africa’s just transition from fossil fuels use to sustainable renewable energy use. 

This is a programme for activists and identified community leaders from environmental justice organisations, with the aim to help activists gain and strengthen their advocacy skills and amplify their voices to resolve environmental justice issues that they face. Activists will learn from each other, from veteran activists and will be able to source such activists for advice and support.

  • The Legacy programme seeks to mentor this next generation of activists to use the wisdom of the past and the combine it with the energy and modern technological advances of the present in order to bring back democratic governance – true participatory democracy.


Applicants from coastal communities are invited to send the following;

1. Curriculum Vitae

2. Motivational letter explaining how they think their participation in the programme will enable them to contribute more to their communities, benefit them personally as well as their communities; explaining their community involvement in fighting for human rights, and declaring their commitment to support advocacy work to oppose oil and gas.

Women are strongly encouraged to apply.


Send applications to the following email address – admin@thegreenconnection.org.za

The closing date is 09 January 2022


NOTE: This is not an employment opportunity, but a collaborative space for activists from coastal communities to advance South Africa’s transition from fossil and nuclear fuel use to sustainable renewable energy use through amplification of local community voices advocating for the respect, protection, and promotion of our constitutional rights.


If you have any enquiries, you are welcome to contact us;

Email Address: admin@thegreenconnection.org.za

Quotes From 2021 Legacy Participants

“We thank the Green Connection and Coastal Links for assisting us with mobilising and raising awareness regarding public participation meetings, license applications, and making sure our communities understand what these decisions would mean for us as a community.”
Taitum Lee Manuel
(Langebaan Community)


“Through the Green Connection, I started a programme fighting illegal dumping, pollution, and environmental degradation. This is where I have started to protect my environment rights and those of my community.”
Sasekani Khosa
“With the help of The Green Connection we are better equipped to opposed oil and gas exploration, as well as the laws and regulations that act as barriers to indigenous people’s right to access natural resources and erase an entire history.”
Barend Fredericks
(Kynsna Community)