Courses are being made available by The Green Connection to educate persons on the importance of sustainable development, as well as the impact of energy choices.

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International Oceans Institute – South Africa

The Green Connection was asked to assist with training the trainers in the IOISA initiative to assist the Department of Fisheries in supporting the new small scale policy roll out. During 2017, various workshops were carried out around the coast.

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Training – IOISA

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries training – 2017 photos

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries training – 2018 photos

The first “Train the Trainer” event took place in Cape Town in 2017 for Western Cape and Northern Cape facilitators.

                                      Train the Trainer event. (Liz in the back row – left hand side.) 

Sustainable Fisheries Initiative

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Wind Turbine Service Technician Programme

The South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre (SARETEC) has released the call for the Wind Turbine Service Technician Programme that will commence on 22 May 2017.  Please ensure all completed applications are electronically sent as well couriered/hand delivered by 10 April 2017 when the call will be closed.  No late applications will be accepted into the programme.

WTST _Medical Application forms_Part A and B_March 2017

WTST Course Application Form_March 2017




Eco-Justice Courses

An exciting opportunity for ordinary citizens to find out about how environmental burdens are often borne by the poor, while environmental benefits are experienced by the rich.. how does this play out in the current South Africa.

Poor and rich .. side by side - are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

Poor and rich .. side by side – are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

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Energy Audit Course

Learning about energy efficiency at household level

Learning about energy efficiency at household level

Start a journey to energy efficiency and find out what’s up with your Watts. Learn how to measure, manage and minimize your electricity use. The price of electricity is increasing each year. How can you use less electricity and counter these increases. Electricity tariffs are also changing. Are you on the correct one ?

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Energy Justice Lectures

In April 2015, Liz McDaid gave a lecture to IES students studying at UCT.  The lecture focused on energy justice highlighting how current energy choices being taken by South Africa will directly impact on the lives of the poor, deepening poverty and exacerbating inequality.

New thinking, out of the box, that maximises alternative energy systems and harnesses the renewable energy of the future is needed.

The question is, how do we get there?

Liz McDaid is available to present this lecture and other eco-justice related presentations.

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Earth Awareness

IES Abroad (Institute for the International Education of Students) provides courses for international students visiting South Africa.  Liziwe McDaid and Lynette Munro from the Green Connection are faculty at IES, offering an environmental management course focusing on environmental justice issues within the sustainable development sector.

In January 2012, Liz presented a short talk on Going Green to this year’s IES students.  The talk covered some of the environmental challenges facing South Africa and how students might play their part in turning problems into solutions.


Introduction to Financial Management


The aim of this programme is to give participants an overview of the role of managers in controlling financial resources.

Training outcomes

By the end of this module, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the main elements of financial management and assess whether the Financial Management in their organisation is adequate
  • Identify the financial policies needed in an organisation
  • Develop a budget
  • Do a cash flow projection
  • Develop and interpret a variance report


  • What is Financial Management
  • Financial Policies
  • Managing Budgets
  • Planning and Budget Cycle
  • Financial Planning

For every section that is covered in the Content, there is an Activity. The approach that is used when running this course is to reflect the participant’s own knowledge and experience in handling finances. We work with what the participants know and enhance it. The practical activities that are given to participants relate and will apply in their everyday lives and everyday running of their organisations.


The course is run over 2days


R 750,00 per person, with a minimum of 10 for a booking.



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WWF-SA Fisheries Initiative

The Green Connection facilitates understanding of responsible fisheries. In 2007, The Green Connection designed and implemented a capacity building course on Responsible Fisheries for the Responsible Fisheries Alliance which is coordinated by WWF-SA. Which also ran the Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

The Green Connection trained WWF facilitators so that they could be accredited to run the course. Liz McDaid has also facilitated this course between 2007 – 2012 and 2015 – 2017.

In addition the Green Connection developed an updated refresher course for the responsible fisheries alliance. The trainer course was facilitated for RFA trainers and small scale fisheries trainers.

Part of the updated course includes more information on climate change and information on plastic pollution. Plastic pollution gathered from local ocean and coast


Responsible Fisheries workshop

Module 2 of the Responsible Fisheries Workshop

International Oceans Institute – South Africa


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If you want to study abroad in Africa, and make a difference in society, here is an opportunity.

IES abroad offers American students an opportunity to study abroad.  The Green Connection provides the environmental justice course.  Here is a video showing how two of the 2015 students made a difference to some pre-schoolers.

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