Adrian Pole is an attorney assisting The Green Connection in various matters relating to ocean economies and the extractive fossil fuel industry. He started working in the offshore oil and gas sector in 2015. Adrian obtains a Master’s Degree in Environment and Development (awarded cum laude), as well as an LLM degree in environmental law. He primarily focuses on environmental justice, administrative justice, sustainable ocean economies, and working towards a just transition to renewable energy in response to global climate change. Adrian joined the Legal Resource Centre’s (LRC) environmental justice project in 2001, before moving into private practice in 2003 where he continues to assist non-governmental and community-based organizations. His previous work has included providing legal support, assistance and representation to NGOs and CBOs in various environmental decision-making and appeal processes. He was also the attorney of record in the ‘nuclear case’ that successfully set aside former President Zuma’s plan to build a fleet of nuclear reactors.