The Green Connection In France, With SA Small-Scale Fishers, Supporting A Criminal Climate Change Complaint Against TotalEnergies

This week, The Green Connection and small-scale fishers from South Africa are in Paris France to support French NGOs and climate change victims as they file a criminal complaint against TotalEnergies’ board of directors and shareholders “for their contribution to climate change and its fatal impact on human and non-human lives.” With just a few days to TotalEnergies’ Annual General Meeting, the organisations hope that this legal action could “set a precedent in the history of climate litigation as it opens the way to holding fossil fuel producers and shareholders responsible, before criminal courts, for the chaos caused by climate change.”

The Green Connection’s Advocacy Officer, Lisa Makaula says, “We are here in Paris to call on TotalEnergies to move away from fossil fuels, now. The company has many project proposals in various stages in South Africa, even though climate reports emphasize that there is no need for any new investments in oil and gas as there already is enough available and in the process of being dug up. According to an International Energy Agency report, starting new projects now, will only lead to stranded assets, in the near future. This is why we are here, in Paris France, to call onto this company to stop these projects that could possibly lead to environmental degradation and come at the cost of people’s livelihoods. We call on them to immediately shift their money into projects that are exclusively focus on sustainable development and going to build the economy.”

The Green Connection’s Strategic Lead, Liz McDaid says, “The Green Connection is very proud to stand in solidarity with our fellow activists on the StopEACOP case, here in France, to support the French NGO Bloom, today, as they launch their compliant today against TotalEnergies. It is clear that oil companies are contributing to climate change and these court cases seem to be the only way that they can be held accountable. As activists, if we want a future planet that we can live in and livelihoods for those who are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, then it is our responsibility to stand up and call out those polluters who fail to take action to stop the climate crisis. 

Small-Scale Fisher and member of UBUNTU Rural Women’s Assembly, Darlin McQuin says, “Many of our people’s livelihood come from the sea. The sea is what we know. I am in France to voice out the concerns of the small-scale fishers in my community, to advocate to stop TotalEnergies. We do not want oil and gas exploration in South Africa. We don’t want TotalEnergies in South Africa.

Small-Scale Fisher from Port St Johns, Sifiso Ntsunguzi says, “We are in Paris to support court case against TotalEnergies oil and gas projects. As a small-scale fisher and member of a coastal community, I do not support the exploration of oil and gas in the ocean. We use the ocean for cultural practices and a means to sustain our livelihood. We are against exploration of gas and oil, as it may risk degradation of environment & marine ecosystem, our livelihood and our health. I came from a fishing community and have become a fisher myself.”

Take action and support the case against TotalEnergies.

Sign the petition to call on South African government to stop offshore oil and gas.


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