DFFE Makes Decisions On Karpowerships – The Green Connection Responds

The Green Connection welcomes the decision by the Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Environment (DFFE) to refuse the environmental authorisation was refused for the project in Coega Eastern Cape. This announcement, issued (10 March) by DFFE, comes after the welcome news last week from DFFE to suspend the application for environmental authorisation for Karpowerships in Saldanha Bay, pending an investigation into allegations of a failure to ensure compliance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations.

The Green Connection says, “We are happy that the Department is investigating our complaint and are confident that they will find in our favour. And while we are somewhat confused by the Environmental Assessment Practitioner’s (EAP) decision to withdraw the application in Richard’s Bay, hopefully this signifies the end of the Karpowership saga. Hopefully now authorities can focus on bringing affordable and appropriate energy to the grid, to address the load shedding.”

According to a media release issued by the DFFE, “details of the three applications for EA are as follows:

    1. Port of Richard’s Bay: The EAP submitted a letter to the Department on 2 March 2023 to withdraw the final Environmental Impact Assessment report dated 6 January 2023.
    2. The withdrawal is based on an urgent application by the EAP for condonation to comply with regulatory timeframes in terms of Section 47C of the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) submitted to Minister Creecy on 24 February 2023. This application is currently under consideration.
    3. Port of Saldanha: On 6 March 2023 the Competent Authority received correspondence from “The Green Connection” alleging suspected non-compliance with regulation 13 of the EIA Regulations by the appointed EAP. As a result, the application has been suspended by the competent authority so that the veracity of the allegations can be probed. Letters have been issued to the EAP for Karpowership-SA and to The Green Connection. The decision on this application will be based on the outcome of the investigation.
    4. Port of Ngqura: This application for an environmental authorisation was refused on 7 March 2023. The record of refusal is attached hereto.”

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