Legacy Programme – Equipping Youth With Advocacy Skills

The Green Connection Legacy programme is an empowerment programme that was launched in 2021, which aims to equip community champions with necessary skills to fight socio-economic injustices that pose major threats to the environment and oceans, while advocating for sustainable energy solutions. The programme primarily focuses on educating coastal community activists about governance, parliament and South African Bill of rights. Along with using communication and media to advocate for socio-economic issues. The workshops held in the programme have given activists the skills to raise their voices against exclusion in decision – making processes, flawed Environmental Impact Assessments and poor public participation processes.

Legacy activists (also known as Legacy champions) success stories highlight the important role that the programme has played in ensuring that champions are equipped with enough knowledge to stand up for their rights. Legacy champions have conducted commendable work, influencing change within their communities. In the Eastern Cape, Legacy champions from Port St Johns Phumza Kalimashe and Ntsindiso Nongcavu succeeded in getting a councilor who is opposed to oil and gas nominated for elections. In the Western Cape, a Legacy champion from Knysna Barend Fredericks established a co-management committee, and task team, to coordinate with provincial level around oil and gas, and fishers’ rights. He received an appointment with the mayor and SANParks. Barend Fredericks continues to praise the training that he received as an important tool in his fight for human rights. He says it gave him the knowledge and skills to communicate effectively with role players and make clear arguments to help stop policies that may be implemented, which may lead to harming the environment.

Watch the legacy programme video below in EnglishAfrikaans and IsiXhosa.

For more information about the Legacy Programme visit: https://thegreenconnection.org.za/legacy-project/


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