Advocacy In Intensifying Climate Change And The Battle To Transition To Renewable Energy

Since February 2022, Wongeka Xatasi, a 2022 Green Connection Legacy Programme participant, started turning over a new leaf for Duncan Village in East London.

Coastal Communities from Eastern Cape and Western Cape Protested Against Seismic Surveys

Ecuador, a country in South America is obliged, as ruled by the country’s top court to ensure that Indigenous communities are consulted, in a clear and accessible process.

4 Reasons Why South Africa Should Not Invest In Gas

In January the South African government  held public hearings on the Gas Amendment Bill. Why should you care? As the government itself has said, this Bill will affect every single person in South Africa.

The Battle Against Environmental Degradation Persists

From protecting the environment to ensuring the community of Port Nolloth is well informed about developments of oil and gas exploration – with a particular focus on the negative impacts it has on the environment.

Karoo Activist Demand A Just Energy Transition Plan and A Frack-Free Environment

In pursuit of a frack free environment and clean energy, Warren Blouw and Danny Davidson from the Karoo–devoted eco-justice activists and alumni of The Green Connection.

Bright and Breezy Activists Take Lead In Their Communities!

Vuyiseka Mani and Zukisa Mankabane are two environmental activists on a mission to expose and address environmental injustice….

Bigai Fishing Community Continue To Be Deprived of Their Fishing Rights!

The struggle continues for small-scale fishers in Knysna as they constantly push back government regulations and by-laws restricting their access….

Fishers and Caracals – the Voices of the Vulnerable


Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, as one does when procrastinating, when I came across a picture that stopped my scrolling dead in..

Skipper’s Licence Opens New Chances for the Fishing Community of Port St John’s

Following a gruelling five days of training programme for a skipper’s licence, Phumza Kalimashe and Ntsindiso Nongcavu from Port St…

4 Steps to Voting for the Right Councilor

The Green Connection strives towards empowering communities to have a voice in decision making towards sustainable local economies. It is…..

Strap in! Eco-justice Adventures, Loading…

It hasn’t been child’s play adapting to the ‘new normal’ since Covid-19 first hit in 2020. And in a world where restrictions of movements and social….