WATCH: The Green Connection’s Short Explainer Video ‘Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in South Africa’

Do you know who owns the ocean? Ever wonder who decides what activities are allowed or prohibited in the ocean? Have you considered the livelihoods that are affected by poor decisions that are driven by greed?

In its first short video ‘Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in South Africa’ (as part of its Who Stole Our Oceans campaign), the Green Connection explains that South Africa’s oceans are fundamental to the livelihoods of many people, including small-scale fishing communities, all along the coastline.

However, as a result of government’s Operation Phakisa, our oceans are under threat of being sold off to big oil and gas companies (from other countries), whose activities could destroy the way of life of these communities. And, in the face of the intensifying climate crises, the time has come to transition from generating electricity from harmful fossil fuels and move to more renewable energy sources. Studies show that it is possible.

Watch the short explainer video about ‘Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in South Africa’ in the language of your choice:

For isiXhosa, click here: Ugrumbo lweOli neRhasi kude nonxweme eMzantsi Afrika

For English, click here: Opposing Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling in South Africa

For Afrikaans, click here: Olie- en gasboring in Suid Afrika se Oseaane

Other videos in the series include ‘What is an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)?’, ‘Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) within the Oil and Gas Industry and ‘How Does Parliament Work?’

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