Liz and Makoma were awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Foundation’s Prize in San Francisco, USA
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Today – almost exactly a year to the day since winning the nuclear court case – the two women who were the driving force behind the victory, were awarded the prestigious Goldman Environmental Foundation’s Prize in San Francisco, USA. Just a few hours ago, Earthlife Africa-Johannesburg’s (ELA-JHB) Makoma Lekalakala and Liziwe McDaid from the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute (SAFCEI) joined the winners from five other continents as they were applauded for their efforts to successfully mobilise South Africans against the government’s secret R1-trillion nuclear deal.

Christy Bragg, a Green Connection colleague who has worked with Liz since 2005, says, “Liz and Makomo are visionary women, and epitomize South African grit and passion. Liz has been a mentor for me since I was a young, uneducated-but-qualified scientist. She is a bigger-picture thinker, an influencer and believes deeply in hearing the voice of civil society. This prize is well-deserved recognition for a lifetime of diligent, empathetic and perservering leadership, where many others would have swayed from the path. They, amongst others, have shown us the possibilities for South Africa to be known as a world leader in sustainable solutions if it could be the country where the people are valued and heard.”

Liz McDaid’s speech for the Goldman Prize

Goldman Environmental Foundation Press Release

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Green Connection outside BBC – London on 18 May 2018

Liz McDaid was observing a collection of plastic pollution gathered from local ocean and coast. The Green Connection works with small scale fisheries and The Responsible Fisheries Alliance coordinated by WWF-SA. ‘Reducing plastic pollution is critical for the sustainability of fisheries”, said Liz McDaid.

Recycling hope for plastic-hungry enzyme

Liz outside BBC in London
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International Oceans Institute – South Africa

The Green Connection was asked to assist with training the trainers in the IOISA initiative to assist the Department of Fisheries in supporting the new small scale policy roll out. During 2017, various workshops were carried out around the coast.

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries Training – IOISA

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries training – 2017 photos

Small Scale Responsible Fisheries training – 2018 photos

The first “Train the Trainer” event took place in Cape Town in 2017 for Western Cape and Northern Cape facilitators.

                                      Train the Trainer event. (Liz in the back row – left hand side.) 

Sustainable Fisheries Initiative

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Responsible Fisheries

The Green Connection facilitates understanding of responsible fisheries. In 2007, The Green Connection designed and implemented a capacity building course on Responsible Fisheries for the Responsible Fisheries Alliance which is coordinated by WWF-SA. Which also ran the Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

The Green Connection trained WWF facilitators so that they could be accredited to run the course. Liz McDaid has also facilitated this course between 2007 – 2012 and 2015 – 2017.

In addition the Green Connection developed an updated refresher course for the responsible fisheries alliance. The trainer course was facilitated for RFA trainers and small scale fisheries trainers.

Part of the updated course includes more information on climate change and information on plastic pollution. Plastic pollution gathered from local ocean and coast

Responsible Fisheries Workshop
Module 2 of the Responsible Fisheries Workshop

International Oceans Institute – South Africa