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Standing for Social and Environmental Justice.

Siyabambisana ngokukhusela nobulungisa uluntu kunye nokusingqongileyo.

Ons staan op as gemeenskappe in eenheid vir omgewings en sosiale geregtigheid.

Oppose Shell and CGG Seismic Surveys

Various companies like Shell are currently starting exploration for oil and gas. Seismic surveys are part of exploring for oil and gas. Oil companies use them to search beneath the ocean for oil and gas.The Green Connection opposes seismic surveys due to their impact on the ocean environment and on the lives of all those who depend on the marine life of the sea for their livelihoods. Shell has brought the Amazon Warrior to the shores of South Africa to carry out seismic surveys along the biodiversity-rich wild coast, where many coastal communities depend on the ocean for their livelihoods.

The Green Connection has submitted a letter to Shell Exploration and Production of South Africa regarding notification of the commencement of 3D Seismic Survey Transkei Exploration Area. In relation to the Environmental Management Programme, final report for Transkei, Used by Shell.

Judgement Interdict against Shell’s Seismic Survey

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Applicants Win Against Shell and Minister


For A Cause

Making Sustainable Development A Reality

The Green Connection strives to have a voice in decision making processes related to social and environmental justice in Africa. Additionally, to develop understanding and awareness about different aspects of sustainable development. An environmental and social justice campaign was launched in 2020, in a bid to protect our oceans for future generations, with a particular emphasis on opposing offshore oil and gas exploration.  The history of oil extract in Africa is one of greed, complicity, destruction of livelihoods and natural habitat, and human rights violations. This is perfectly illustrated by the Nigerian military government’s targeting of the Ogoni people, who were protesting the devastating environmental degradation caused by the Shell Petroleum Company’s oil pollution.

Making sustainable development a reality...

Our Focus Areas

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Involved in various initiatives, for example, to improve energy-efficiency in South Africa from supporting renewable energy to providing fuel-efficient stoves.

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Community Empowerment

Dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through workshops and community outreach, to make our way of life more sustainable.

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Resource Advocacy


Empowerment of young activists, and women in particular, to intervene in the policy and legislative space, so that decision-making processes are strengthened to ensure effective implementation of governance in the natural environment, conservation and environmental justice spheres.

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Gas Amendment Bill Public Hearings Protest In Saldanha

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Outside Cape Town High Court, Against Seismic Surveys In The Wesr Coast


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Koeksister Project Workshop In Saldanha Bay

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About The Green Connection

The Green Connection was established in 2000 and registered as a Not for Profit Organisation (NGO) in 2010.

Some of the specific areas we work in are Sustainable Development, Climate Change & Renewable Energy, Educational Resources & Translation, Community Development, Empowerment in Environmental Sustainability, and Empowering Effective Environmental Impact Assessments.