The Green Connection is a WRI partner in South Africa, and the Green Connection is part of various South African initiatives which promote a transition to a just energy future. These include Energy Governance SA.  EGI SA  and one million climate jobs hosted by AIDC One Million Climate Jobs

The Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) is an international project coordinated by the World Resources Institute (WRI) of USA and the Prayas Energy Group of India. The major focus is on the governance of the electricity sector in a number of developing countries.  These include Philippines, Brazil, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

The Green Connection is a South African partner of EGI international, and is also part of the South African NGO initiative, known as Electricity Governance –South Africa.

During the last two years, EGI has analysed our current governance framework, made efforts build the capacity of civil society to engage with South Africa’s electricity planning (IRP2010) and worked at bringing energy activists and political decision-makers closer together.

The goal is to develop and enhance capacity for informed engagement on the content of and the linkages between electricity, energy and climate change policies in Parliament and civil society; and to enhance the accountability of Parliament for upholding broad/general public interests through its oversight of electricity, energy and climate change policy processes, focusing on the Portfolio Committees for Energy, Labour, Public Enterprises, Economic Development, and Water and Environment Affairs.

EGI Workshops

In 2012 Workshops were held with civil society looking at how our energy choices impact on electricity pricing.

Read more about the two workshops held in Observatory and Atlantis…..

Policy Input

Electricity Governance Initiative – South Africa

Integrated Resource Plan

The EGI-SA participated closely in the public consultation process to develop South Africa’s first public Integrated Resources Plan for Electricity. This plan is South Africa’s framework for electricity security for the next 20 years, but is to be reviewed in 2012/2013 to take account of a dynamic energy and climate change context.

Multi Year Pricing Determination (MYPD3)

Green Connection is working with other EGI- partners to prepare a submission to the national energy regulation in time to meet the deadline of 20th November 2012.

For more details on public hearings held by NERSA: