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WWF-SA Fisheries Project (including IOI-SA)

The Green Connection has designed and implemented a capacity building course on Responsible Fisheries programme and Sustainable Seafood Initiative. Liz McDaid has facilitated this course between 2007 – 2012 and 2015 – 2017.

Liz McDaid  evaluated and developed a refresher course for the responsible fisheries alliance.  The  trainer course was facilitated for RFA trainers and small scale fisheries trainers.

The Green Connection facilitates understanding of responsible fisheries.

Responsible Fisheries workshop

Module 2 of the Responsible Fisheries Workshop

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The long awaited AIDC-commissioned research – RENEWABLE ENERGY: WHERE ARE THE JOBS – A Critique Of The Government’s Socio-Economic Programme – will be launched at AIDC at 18.00 on the 28th.

Liz McDaid, the well-known researcher and social activist, will introduce her research findings and recommendations.  The meeting will be Chaired by Tasneem Essop, former Provincial Minister of Environment, Planning and Economic Development in the Western Cape and a current member of the National Planning Commission.

There will also be lots of time for questions and discussions, which can include Eskom’s threatened closure of 5 coal mines which Eskom claims to be a direct consequence of the government’s renewable energy programme.

For further information contact

Dominic Brown or Jeff Rudin
021 447 5770


RENEWABLE ENERGY Where are the jobs? 


Eco-Justice Courses

An exciting opportunity for ordinary citizens to find out about how environmental burdens are often borne by the poor, while environmental benefits are experienced by the rich.. how does this play out in the current South Africa.

Poor and rich .. side by side - are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

Poor and rich .. side by side – are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

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If you want to study abroad in Africa, and make a difference in society, here is an opportunity.

IES abroad offers American students an opportunity to study abroad.  The Green Connection provides the environmental justice course.  Here is a video showing how two of the 2015 students made a difference to some pre-schoolers.

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