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Blue Action for Africa

The Green Connection is partnering in a collaborative campaign to sustainable protection of South Africa’s oceans, in an innovative and exciting three-year initiative with WILDTRUST (lead organisation), Centre for Environmental Rights, Ocean Unite, South African Association for Marine Biological Research, and WWF-SA.

South Africa currently has only 0.4% of its continental waters within MPAs (excluding the MPA in the Southern Ocean territorial waters around the Prince Edward Islands). In addition, Africa is currently facing escalating marine hydrocarbon and mineral resources extractive pressure, led by large international companies.

This project aims to create a positive and receptive environment for MPA expansion (i.e. MPAs seen as a valuable tool and desirable commodity), and encourage sustainable ocean governance, which value the resilience of oceans, ecosystem services and food security, and to developing country economies based on sustainable energy systems, such as renewable energy, especially in the face of climate change.