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The International Renewable Energy conference is taking place in Cape Town 4th to 7th October 2015.


The first day saw a wealth of shared information that includes info bites such as if the Northern Cape were covered with solar, we could power the world, as well as the Minister of Energy announcing that an additional 1500MW would be added to the grid.

There were interesting discussions over the regulation of renewable energy, and some firm mythbusting from experts on the perceptions that renewable energy is not reliable, that the amount you can add to the grid is limited, or that renewable energy is expensive.

Renewable Energy is the key to a socially just transition away from fossil fuels and nuclear.

Liz McDaid of the Green Connection, attended the conference “This conference is a high powered gathering of people committed to renewable energy as the future energy source for the world….. it is not about if we can do 100% renewables, that point has passed, we are now talking about how soon and overcoming some small challenges along the way”.

Green Connection is working with SAFCEI and Hope for Tanzania, looking for partners to assist in a renewable energy transition in the SAME district of Tanzania.  Part of that transition is to build the capacity of politicians, journalists and faith leaders to understand climate change, and the role of renewable energy in addressing de-forestation, local energy needs and economic development.  If you are interested, contact Liz McDaid.


International Renewable Energy conference