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The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P)

The Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P) is South Africa’s flagship programme for moving towards increasing renewable energy in our energy mix.
The report provides a review of progress with renewable energy programme, including the increasing amount of renewable energy, the capacity of government to manage the programme and the implementation of the proposed community benefits.

The full report can be downloaded EGI REI4P review 2014

EGI November 2014 review addendum final.pdf

EGI REI4P Review 2014 summary

  • Thys du Plooy

    This is one of the initiatives of the government I have been keeping a close eye on. THIS is a success story that should be shared far and wide, but sadly isn’t. We have such huge potential for growth in this sector.

    Its growth will result in a more steady flow of energy into the grid making it possible to move away from many of the outdated fossil-fuel burning options over time. Communities are also uplifted in the process, not to even mention the huge number of jobs created.

    It just looks sadly like the program is coming to an end and I don’t understand why we want to limit ourselves when it is becoming more and more cost-effective with every passing year.

    Although it is not a bad option, people then go with options like solarplus water heaters or the kits from places like solarworld. Although these options are becoming more affordable, they are still difficult for the vast majority of SA consumers to benefit from.

    Dear Minister of Energy: PLEASE keep the REIPPPP going!!!