Energy Governance 

The Green Connection is a WRI partner in South Africa, and the Green Connection is part of various South African initiatives which promote a transition to a just energy future. These include EGI SA  and one million climate jobs hosted by AIDC One Million Climate Jobs

Renewable Energy – Where are the Jobs

The Electricity Governance Initiative (EGI) is an international project coordinated by the World Resources Institute (WRI) of USA and the Prayas Energy Group of India. The major focus is on the governance of the electricity sector in a number of developing countries.  These include Philippines, Brazil, Mongolia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.

The Green Connection is a South African partner of EGI international, and is also part of the South African NGO initiative, known as Electricity Governance –South Africa.

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Health Impacts of Coal Energy

The Green Connection also worked with groundwork investigating the health impacts of coal.

The Health Impact of Coal Report

Results were presented at the public health association conference in September 2017. PHASA  

In 2017, the Green Connection embarked on an update of this work.

Eskom Killing Us Softly

Local documentary receives international acclaim

The Bliss of Ignorance

Standing Up to Hazardous Waste Dumping in South Africa

Climate Change

Climate change is a reality.

For South Africa, we need both to mitigate our emissions and to adapt to changes that are taking place in our environment. We need to ensure that we can reduce our risks, build our resilience and take advantage of new opportunities.  In order to build resilience, we need knowledge.

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Exercising Democracy

South Africa has a constitution that guarantees all citizens certain rights, including the right to an environment that is not harmful to his or her health or wellbeing, and the right to freedom of expression, just administrative action, access to information etc.  But exercising those rights is often not easy as citizens have to grapple with complex procedures and a hostile reception.  The Green Connection can help.

Understand the EIA Process

Renewable Energy

The Green Connection advocates for renewable energy which supports socio-economic development. The Green Connection reviewed the government’s renewable energy programme, the REIPPPP in 2014 and again in 2017.

EGI REI4P review 2014 final

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