Who We Are

Liz McDaid

Liz McDaid has a passion for showing people how the world works and how their seemingly insignificant actions can actually make a difference in moving us from our current unsustainable life style towards a just and sustainable life style.

Liz trained as a scientist, also has both a teacher and adult education qualification, and has a Masters in Climate Change and Development from the University of Cape Town. She also teaches a course on eco-justice.

She is an independent environmentalist, and has worked at the energy/ poverty/ community nexus with a focus on participative governance for over 25 years. She is a founder member of the Green Connection. Her recent work includes an energy poverty analysis for Oxfam “you can’t eat electricity”, and a review of the South African renewable energy programme with a focus on community impacts (for the Green Connection). This last is part of the Electricity Governance Initiative, supported by the World Resources Institute.
Liz also works with the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, where she heads up their climate and energy programme.