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If you want to study abroad in Africa, and make a difference in society, here is an opportunity.

IES abroad offers American students an opportunity to study abroad.  The Green Connection provides the environmental justice course.  Here is a video showing how two of the 2015 students made a difference to some pre-schoolers.

Amercian students visiting South Africa have an opportunity to meet with local small scale fishers to hear their stories of struggle to access fishing rights


Students at the Fossil Park –

American students learning about the history of South Africa .. both living and fossils The Green Connection with some of the students that attend the eco justice course we run every year.

Published on 21 May 2015

My partner, Elias Weinraub, and I developed a Rainwater Harvesting System in order to supplement water use at Village Todds. The water will primarily come from roof runoff, and be used for the vegetable garden and vertical garden. The Village Todds spends a lot of money on water each month, and this rainwater harvesting system goes a long way towards alleviating that expense and allows those funds to be redirected in other, more productive ways. In addition to the construction of the rainwater harvesting system, we taught the community and the students of Village Todds about the importance of water conservation, especially in an arid climate that will continue to experience increasing water pressure in the coming years, as climate change continues to affect the area.
By: Erik Better and Elias Weinraub

Rainwater Harvesting System

One of our other students from 2014 made a video which was more about having fun but is actually a great video of advertising Cape Town

Cape Town video produced by American students