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Commemoration of nuclear disaster in Fukushima

In March 2012, South African NGOs commemorated that it had been one year since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.  There were a number of talks and presentations, art exhibitions etc held around the country.  The Green Connection participated in a panel discussion debating the pros and cons of nuclear energy for South Africa.

For more information on nuclear energy in South Africa, go to:, ,

For a detailed analysis of international nuclear industry, see Nuclear Power in a Post-Fukushima World, 25 Years After the Chernobyl Accident –

 In March 10th 2012, The economist published an article on nuclear energy:

“They allowed their enthusiasm for nuclear power to shelter weak regulation, safety systems that failed to work and a culpable ignorance of the tectonic risks the reactors faced, all the while blithely promulgating a myth of nuclear safety.”

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