Eco-Justice Courses

An exciting opportunity for ordinary citizens to find out about how environmental burdens are often borne by the poor, while environmental benefits are experienced by the rich.. how does this play out in the current South Africa.

Poor and rich .. side by side - are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

Poor and rich .. side by side – are they experiencing the same environmental quality?

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Energy Audit Course

Learning about energy efficiency at household level

Learning about energy efficiency at household level

Start a journey to energy efficiency and find out what’s up with your Watts. Learn how to measure, manage and minimize your electricity use. The price of electricity is increasing each year. How can you use less electricity and counter these increases. Electricity tariffs are also changing. Are you on the correct one ?

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News & Events

Conference on Energy Investment hosted at the IGC centre – London

Liz Mcdaid of the Green Connection was invited to attend a Conference on Energy Investment hosted at the IGC centre, the London School of Economics, in London, November 2015.

Tackling extreme poverty: Evidence from the field

As the first of the newly adopted United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, eradicating extreme poverty constitutes a major challenge for governments and organisation across the globe entering the post-2015 era. Despite progress over the last few decades, a large proportion of the world’s population still remain in extreme poverty.

Tackling Extreme Poverty – Evidence from the Field

Conference on Energy Investment  - London

London School of Economics



News & Events

The Green Connection – Exercising Democracy in the Two Rivers Urban Park

The area defined as the Two Rivers Urban Park (TRUP), located at the confluence of the Black and Liesbeek Rivers, is a special and unique place in Cape Town. The area comprises sensitive ecological systems and habitats along the rivers, extensive open space areas, significant institutions (including the South African Astronomical Observatory and Valkenberg), historical buildings and cultural landscapes (such as Maitland Garden Village and Oude Moulen).

TRUP is a Multipurpose Urban Park and “created green space”, in terms of the draft 2030 Spatial Framework for the City (August 2006) on which the Integrated Development Plan for the City is based. The vision of the regional area known as the TRUP, is “to rehabilitate, protect, secure and enhance the intrinsic ecological qualities of the area, to conserve the unique cultural landscape, to encourage environmental education, to maximize opportunities for all people, and to promote sustainable development”.

The TRUP process has, from its initiation, included all interested and affected parties. The city and the affected communities engaged in a series of workshops between 2003 and 2009, in order to establish the TRUP Association. The Two Rivers Urban Park Association now comprise of a diverse range of land owners, (including provincial government, private businesses and council), as well as numerous individuals undertaking activities associated with the area.

Liz McDaid has been involved with advocacy and more recently leadership for this association for over ten years, along with support from other partners of the Green Connection.

Visit TRUP for more information and their activities.


PosterTRUP aerial photo

News & Events

Renewable Energy and Creating Jobs

Wind Farm in South AfricaRenewable energy near Hopefield, old and new!

Wind farm in South Africa. Part of the Renewable Energy Programme for Independent Power Producers. Green Connection has been part of formerly analysing the progress made by these power producers in supplying renewable energy and creating jobs, local enterprises, and socio-economic development.



News & Events

Same Tanzania – Climate Change and Energy Audits

Handing over energy audit certificate to Bishop Najima (sp) in Same District, Tanzania

Handing over energy audit certificate to Bishop Najima

The people of Same speak about climate change. The Green Connection, SAFCEI and Hope for Tanzania facilitated a climate change awareness workshop in the Same district of Tanzania. What is climate change? What causes it? What is its impact on society?

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