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Concerned about rising electricity prices – want to have your say……

Send your submission to NERSA by Tuesday 20th November 2012.

Public hearings will be held next year in January, so make your voice heard, write to NERSA and ask to be put on the list to speak at the public hearings.

To find out what some of the key issues are, read this submission that has been compiled by EGI-SA – partners include Green Connection, SAFCEI, Project90x2030, GenderCC SA, and

NERSA has invited Stakeholder comments ahead of public hearings which are likely to take place between January 15 and 31, 2013 in all 9 provinces. NERSA will make a determination on February 28 and lawmakers would consider the application in March 2013. The sanctioned increases are likely to be implemented on April 1, 2013, for direct Eskom customers and July 1, 2013, for municipal customers. Comments can be made by organisations until the end of business on 20th November 2012 to: to; enquiries: Mr Charles Hlebela, Head of Communications, or Telephone: 012 401 4600; Fax: 012 401 4700; Cell: 083 646 8280.

Attached is a summarized version of a submission to be made by EGI-SA on November 20th, 2012. It has been compiled by Brenda Martin, Robert Fischer, Liz McDaid, Jesse Burton and Yvette Abrahams. Anyone wishing to endorse or copy these lobby points in their submission is free to do so. Please let us know whether you are making a submission by copying richard@90× or