Adapting to climate change

It is important that we know how to adapt to climate change, so that:

  • we can prepare ourselves,
  • adjust our living ways, and
  • to take action in ensuring sustainable development and livelihoods become a reality for the present and future generations.

What is Climate Change?

Climate Change is the natural cycles of weather patterns on earth resulting from changes in the amount of heat received from the sun. The climate goes through warm and cold periods, taking hundreds of years to complete one cycle.

These changes affect the temperature which also influences the rainfall. Plants and animals are able to adapt to a changing climate if these changes take place over hundreds of years. Unfortunately, human activity is currently causing the climate to change too fast.

For more information on what causes climate change, what is climate change adaptation and more, you can visit the climatetalk website. A website which is dedicated to sharing this information and where you will be able to share your experiences; learn from others and in this way build a new community of practice that will reduce the vulnerability of the people to the inevitable changes that will come with global climate change.