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Climate Change Communication Project

The Climate Change Communication Project raised awareness and built the capacity of the people of the Succulent Karoo around issues of climate change; more specifically in seven of the SKEP Priority Areas, namely the Bushmanland Inselbergs, Namaqualand Uplands, Central Namaqualand Coast, Knersvlakte, Hantam Tanqua Roggeveld, Central Breede River Valley and the Central Little Karoo.

Climate Change Project

Climate change is a reality and is already having repercussions in our country. People need to start living sustainably now, and preparing themselves now for the unforeseen consequences of changing resources. Climate Change Communication Project Join the Global Initiative Same Tanzania The Open Climate Network Climate Change and Energy – The South African Perspective Adapting … Continue reading


Historically, the Green Connection has worked with GEF, National Government and local government in various initiative to create understanding and awareness about different aspects of sustainable development. Activities: Undertake research at grass roots level to critique energy and climate change project implementation. Undertake technical reviews to strengthen advocacy campaigns for renewable energy. Produce educational material … Continue reading

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Links to other websites. BIOTA-Africa Botanical Society of South Africa Cape Action for People and the Environment (C. A. P. E. ) Cape Nature City of Cape Town Climate Talk Conservation International Corruption Watch Earthlife Africa Endangered Species International Environmental Monitoring Group Fairtrade Africa Green Energy News Hybrid Living INDIGO Development and Change National Planning … Continue reading

NGO Status

Aims and Objectives The Green Connection believes that empowering people to participate in their environment is the only way that truly sustainable development can take place.  Our environmental resources are limited and not ours to squander but to protect for future generations. We believe that economic growth and development, improvement of socio-economic status and conservation … Continue reading

Who We Are

Christy Bragg

Christy’s expertise lies in the integration of conservation and biodiversity into sustainable natural resource management and facilitating inter-sectoral solutions. Her experience in South Africa has been around community involvement in natural resource protection and sustainable use, conservation communications, awareness raising, environmental policy review and advocacy; environmental management, water governance, and she strongly believes in a … Continue reading