Climate Change Project

Climate change is a reality and is already having repercussions in our country. People need to start living sustainably now, and preparing themselves now for the unforeseen consequences of changing resources. Climate Change Communication Project Join the Global Initiative Same Tanzania The Open Climate Network Climate Change and Energy – The South African Perspective Adapting … Continue reading


Historically, the Green Connection has worked with GEF, National Government and local government in various initiative to create understanding and awareness about different aspects of sustainable development. Activities: Undertake research at grass roots level to critique energy and climate change project implementation. Undertake technical reviews to strengthen advocacy campaigns for renewable energy. Produce educational material … Continue reading

About GC

The Green Connection profile The Green Connection was established in South Africa in 2000 and registered as a Not for Profit Organisation (NGO) in 2010. The organisation is comprised of 66% women and 83% PDI, and prides itself on its relevance to the democratic South Africa. The organisation’s Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status was approved … Continue reading