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Rain Water Harvesting – UCT IES Eco-Justice Students

We are interested in developing a Rainwater Harvesting System in order to supplement water use at Village Todds. It is anticipated that this water will primarily come from roof runoff, and be used for the vegetable garden and vertical garden. The Village Todds spends a lot of money on water each month, and this rainwater harvesting system can go a long way towards alleviating that expense and allow those funds to be redirected in other, more productive ways. In addition to the construction of the rainwater harvesting system, we hope to teach the community and the students of Village Todds about the importance of water conservation, especially in an arid climate that will continue to experience increasing water pressure in the coming years, as climate change continues to affect this area.

IES Rainwater Harvesting Video

To achieve our goals, we will need funds to buy materials and tools for the rainwater harvesting unit. We estimate that our project will cost between $150-200 dollars and will cover the cost of purchasing

– 2 large plastic garbage can (the larger it is, the more water you can collect)
– 1 tube of watertight sealant or roll of Teflon tape for plumbing
– 4 rubber washers
– 4 metal washers
– 2 hose clamp
– 2 spigot
– A drill
– Landscaping fabric and PVC piping